Serving @ Freedom Fest

Why We Are Serving At Freedom Fest

At The Summit, we're committed to being a family of grace that strives to believe and become the gospel. One of the ways we put this into action is by serving our community. Twice a year, we cancel our regular Sunday services to worship through rest (at the end of the year) and through service (in July).

We invite all members of the Summit family to join us in giving back to our community. This year, we're asking you to consider spending just four hours of your holiday celebration with us, as we come together to serve in a fun way and connect with one another.

By serving our community, we not only fulfill our mission but also demonstrate the love of Christ to those around us. We believe that this is a powerful way to make a positive impact and build relationships with our neighbors.

So, if you're looking for a meaningful way to spend part of your holiday, we encourage you to join us in serving our community. Let's come together to make a difference and show the love of Christ to those around us.

How are we serving at Freedom Fest?

The Summit has volunteered to run Entertainment Alley on Monday, July 03 and Tuesday, July 04.

This involves manning the Monster Mural, Yard Games, and the Giant Trikes.

Who can volunteer?

Anyone! Volunteer as a family, a community group, or join a group. Any age can come and help out.

When can I volunteer?

We have broken the weekend down into manageable shifts:

Monday, July 03

3:30-6:30 PM

6:30-9:30 PM

Tuesday, July 04

12:00 -3:30 PM

3:30-6:30 PM

6:30-9:30 PM