To:Gather | First Fridays

Friday | August 06, 6:30 - 8:30 PM

We Value: Life Together

First Friday Fun & Fellowship Night for Ladies

August 06 | 6:30-8:30 PM

Join us at the Summit for dessert as we reminisce about school memories and days gone by! Bring a school portrait and be prepared to share a funny or memorable story with your table.

Since August is "Back to School" month, we will also be collecting school items to gift Trinity Christian Academy, the school that inhabits our building throughout the year. These items are from the TCA teachers' wish lists, and are things they need for their classrooms but would have to purchase with their own money. Please consider bringing one or more of these items to our gathering. Some of these can be found in local stores, and others can be found on Amazon. In order to sign up for any of these items, please click on the link below, and then be sure to finish your registration using the button below.


Our goal in To:Gather events is to continue to become a family of grace as we believe and become the Gospel together. We encourage you to get to know other women in our church family. We encourage you to dig deep with each other. We encourage you to speak Gospel truth into each other's lives, to be discipled and to disciple others.