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YouVersion Holy Week Devotion

Connect Your Group Through Scripture

How to Begin:

1. Join YouVersion

Create your FREE account. This will allow you to read the Bible thru a daily plan, do short or longer devotional plans, and connect with people to read with you.

2. Begin The Easter Experience

The Easter Experience is a 6-day plan that ends on Easter Sunday. There are scripture verses to read daily, a short video you can watch and a short devotional.

3.   Invite Friends!

Above the picture of the plan is Share.  You can share your plan different ways over social media or the internet.  You can invite your Community Group and others to join you and do this plan together during Holy Week.


4.  Start the Plan 

When you click Start This Plan it will ask you if you want to do it by yourself or with friends.  It’ll connect you with a calendar for the day you want to start. Connect with others daily thru the app or via text as you read and you have thoughts or other verses that come to mind. Many of the devotions have questions or ask you to meditate on a certain thing. These would be great things to share with one another.


5. Turn on a Reminder

You version will send you a daily reminder of your daily devotional. It will also send you a verse of the day if you request it. 

Need help?

If you need help connecting to this plan, or would like additional idea on how to use this plan, our Discipleship Minister, Linda Huffman, would love to help!