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COVID-19 Updates

Information On our Re-Opening Plan

Phase II Re-Opening Plan

Beginning June 07

As a church body, we are praying for wisdom and patience in this season. We are planning things month by month. That being said, everything laid out in Phase II is expected for the month of June.


  • Return to face to face services
  • 50-55 Minute Services
  • Service Times at 9:00AM & 10:45AM
  • There will be no gathering in the lobby before or after services
  • Social Distancing with the Seating
  • 50% Capacity in the Sanctuary (apprx. 180 people)
  • Continuing online service for people who are sick or high risk to COVID-19
  • People will be ushered out of the building section by section at the end of each service
  • No passing of the offering baskets - offering boxes will be available in the lobby for donations
  • Communion will happen with individual, 2-in-1 packs
  • Coffee services and weekly bulletins will be suspended


  • Continue 10:00AM Online Services
  • Mirroring face-to-face service as much as possible
  • Encourage people who are sick, uncomfortable attending physical gathering, or high risk to join us online


  • Provide hand sanitizer for attendants
  • Clean/Disinfect bathrooms in-between services
  • Wipe down all surfaces and chairs before and after each service
  • Keep sanctuary doors open and fans on HVAC system running for air circulation and ventilation


  • Masks are encouraged for all attendants, but not required
  • All of our Staff & Elders will wear masks and maintain social distancing on Sundays


  • Face-to-face gatherings of SummitKids and Students will continue to be suspended in the month of June
  • SummitKids lessons will continue to be available each week online
  • Youth Group on YouTube will continue every Wednesday at 7:00PM in June
  • Activity Trays will be provided for kids on Sundays with supplies
  • Supplies will be put in a Ziploc bag with the child's name on it for them to reuse each week
  • Trays will be disinfected every week
  • Individually wrapped snacks and water bottles will be in each tray
  • Activities will be self-directed for children
  • The children's worship room will be available as an extended cry room
  • Dividers will be set up for play/rest areas if needed
  • Room will be disinfected before and after each service

Latest Message from Lead Pastor, Brian Agovino

Monday, MAY 25

Happy Monday everyone!

This is your Monday memo for May 25, 2020:

01. The 2nd Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out our second survey. It’s impossible to share everything but let me give you a couple of broad strokes… Most everyone is ready to come back, but cautious about it. That is pretty much in line with where we are as elders. Right now we are taking things one month at a time and thinking methodically and slowly. Our first Sunday back won’t be the massive celebration we all want it to be - it will be cautious and smart. And beginning June 01, we will share a lot of information with you about what to expect regarding coming back. So look for that in the next Monday Memo. Also, from the survey we learned that with social distancing and the caution people have about coming back, we think we can make two services work and stay within social distancing guidelines for now. If we add a third service in the future, the two preferred times were on Sunday. One step at a time for right now. And like I said, look for more communication next week about what to expect in our near future. 

02. Continuing the Online Service

Gathering together as a church is really important. It’s critical to celebrate and worship together in person. With that being said, returning at this time is not the right decision for everyone. As your pastor hear me say, some of you need to be patient while we figure out how to have church and apply social distancing before you return. Some of you are at risk because of your immune system or your age, and I want to advise you to continue joining us online for now. For these first few weeks back, please be patient with one another, gracious with one another, and encouraging to one another.

03. Pray for Unity

In John 17 Jesus prays for unity within the church. Why? He knew that a group of broken people coming together to represent Him might get messy. But Jesus liked it that way. He wanted the world to see that under His authority and leadership, His followers would be humble and gracious with one another, even when it didn’t make sense. Your staff and elders have been diligent in praying for and thinking through how to return to face to face gatherings and I want to encourage you to pray for unity for us as a church. Pray that the world sees us loving one another in a way that doesn’t make sense and it would be part of what draws the world to Jesus. I hope you all have a great week!

 I hope you all have a great week!

Brian Agovino

Lead Pastor

Current Operations Under Phase I


Through May 31, we will NOT be gathering at our physical campus, but we're still the "church." Our team will lead our worship experience online and we will air this service every Sunday at We highly encourage you to worship with us! We have some great stories to continue to share each week. Our online service will air Sundays at 10:00AM.


During our Phase I reopening plan, we are encouraging each Community Group to decide if they would like to continue to meet virtually or move to face-to-face gatherings while observing social distancing. Community Group leaders will give groups information and direction on how they will operate their meetings during Phase I.

Not in a Community Group? If you would like to join one, or want more information, you can find it here.


We understand the pressure you're feeling with having the kids home for an unknown period of time. With that also leads to a question of how to foster their spiritual engagement? Don't fret, we have a plan in place.

We have programming available for students. 7:00PM on Wednesdays you can view and engage those experiences on YouTube. Our K-5th graders will experience weekly S.K.N.U. (Summit Kid's News Updates) Episodes with fun games and stories with Miss Amy. You can check those out on our Summit Kid's Facebook Page. That tablet or device that they may normally play games on is now a chance to hear about the love and hope of Jesus in a fun and engaging way.


A Message From Larry Wall | Administrative Pastor

We want to encourage you to continue to give faithfully to The Summit even though we aren't meeting on Sunday mornings so that we can continue to do ministry and be on mission. You can continue to give three different ways:

01: You can drop your donation by the church office Monday - Friday | 9AM - 4pm. Or mail your donation to 927 E. Terra Ln, O'Fallon, MO 63376.

02: You can set up on-line bill pay through your bank to draft your donation directly out of your account each month.

03: You can give online through our website. Click the button below.