2022 Tribe Wars

What is "Tribe Wars"?

We are glad you asked! Tribe Wars is a summer-long competition-based outreach program where students compete in various contests and gain points that add up every week. This is a great way to connect with other students throughout the summer. Every tribe will have two adult tribe leaders who will make sure you stay in the loop with everything going on at that week's tribe war. The winning tribe at the end of the summer will win a prize that will be well worth all their hard work.

Tribe Wars Schedule

all events are from 6:30-8:00PM (unless otherwise stated)


31 | Ultimate Frisbee* (Woodlands Park)


07 | Sand Volleyball* (Location TBD)

13-17 | Serving at VBS (The Summit)

21 | Slip & Slide Kickball (Location TBD)

28 | Human Foosball (The Summit)


05 | Redneck Roundup - Backyard Games* (Rychwalski Home)


19 | Trivia Night (The Summit)

26 | Minute to Win It/Taco Bell Olympics* (The Summit)


02 | Rockin' Jump Trampoline Park* (O'Fallon | 3:00-4:00PM) Waiver Required

*Special bonus point incentive nights (see below)

Point System

What is a competition-based program without points? This isn’t Upward Soccer where you aren’t supposed to be keeping score, but secretly all the dads really are anyway. This is a competition. Winners win. Everyone else loses.

Seriously though, we will award super HUGE points during Tribes. First, it’s just ridiculous and we don’t want people to get so caught up in the competition that they don’t enjoy themselves. Secondly, the race to be the first team to a million points sounds pretty fun in itself.

Here is the weekly point system for this year: 

Tribe Attendance: 10,000 points for every tribe member present

New Tribe Member: 20,000 points if you bring a friend who has not attended Tribe Wars

Competitions: 50,000 (1st place) | 25,000 (2nd place) | 10,000 (3rd place)| 5,000 (4th place)

Social Media: 1,000 points for every picture you post on Instagram using the #SummitTribes

Throughout the summer, we will also have days that have special point incentives:

May 31 | 5,000 tribe color night

June 07 | 40,000 new tribe member

July 05 | 5,000 points for dressing up in red, white, and blue

July 26 | 10,000 points for parents in attendance

August 02 | 40,000 new tribe member