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Sunday Gatherings

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Sunday Student Gatherings

What: Sunday Gathering

Who: Students 6th to 12th Grade

When: Every Other Sunday Morning | 10:00AM - 11:15AM

Where: The Summit | Youth Room (Located in the West Building)

Middle School is the phase when nothing is cool, everything is fun in a crowds, and you constantly hear, "Yeah...I know." This can also be a tough, or as some say, "Awkward," phase. Figuring out the new rules for your social behavior, and when it is acceptable to "like" their Instagram post, or when you are supposed to comment.

High School starts to become the phase when there's less drama, more stress, and your very busy teens answer all your questions with, "Just trust me." Whether we are talking about an identity seeking freshman, an independent sophomore, a stress-filled junior, or an emerging adult senior...time is running out.

We want to help middle school and high students continue to develop what they know, and how to begin to personalize it for what's ahead. So join us each week as we gather to have fun, enjoy community, connect with adults who care, and learn from the Bible in a practical way. Sunday Gatherings happen every other Sunday at 10:30AM in the Youth Room.

Gathering Schedule:

January 10 & 24

February 07 & 21

March 07 & 21

April 04 & 18

May 02, 16, & 30

Parent Cue Online: As parents, we need all the help we can get. On the Parent Cue website, there are tons of resources to help us navigate the tricky teenage years that sneak up on us.

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