The Starting Point

Next Starting Point:

August 20

What is The Starting Point?

Our goal at The Summit is to help everyone feel comfortable, connected, and welcome, from the moment they walk in the doors. There is always room for new faces and families in the family of grace.

The Starting Point is a quarterly opportunity for The Summit to meet and welcome people who are relatively new to The Summit. There is absolutely no pressure to attend one of these events; some people come on their first week, others might wait a few months to decide. Signing up and joining happens whenever you feel you would like to.

The agenda is super simple for these events – we are there to connect. Often there are others in attendance who are relatively new to The Summit community as well as a few who have been around longer. You can find out more about what it’s like to participate in community groups, ask questions, or just have a friendly visit while eating delicious food! Your entire family is welcome to attend.