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Psalms Devotionals

7 Week Devotional through the Psalms.

Overview of this Devotional

There are 28 FM Radio stations in the St. Louis area that play music. All day, every day-365 days a year, minus a few commercials – non-stop music. Music is a powerful influencer in our world today, and frankly has been in our world through many generations. Music helps us express, feel, emote, learn, understand, and so much more.  

The longest book of the Bible is the book of Psalms and it is a book of songs. The Psalms were not meant to be simply read, but sung, so that they would impact the minds and imaginations of the people as only music can do.  

The Psalms provide a poetic, imaginative, narrative language to help us understand and express the reality of life, spirituality and prayer. They give us language to declare the heights of joy and praise and language to lament in the depths of despair. They give us direction for how to laugh and celebrate and instruction for how to weep and cry out. 

This summer we are engaging with the Psalms and it is probably a perfect time in our new COVID world to learn to pray the Psalms. As we have been slowing down, we have been exposed to our longings, our needs, our hopes and our fears, and the best person to engage with all of these things is God Himself.  

Our hope is that this will be a formative series for our faith. That we will learn to deepen our connection with a God who meets us right where we are. In all of Jesus’ life the book of scripture that He quoted the most was the Psalms, probably because He grew up singing them and using them to commune with God. Our prayer is that as we encounter the Psalms, the Psalms that were the heart song of Jesus, they will become our heart song too.

We hope you can use this 7-week devotional to continue to go deeper in this journey. Work at your own pace. You can do it alone, with your spouse/family, community group, neighbors, whoever! We hope you find this to be a helpful tool as you continue to learn to express ourselves ‘with confidence and draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in our time of need’ (Heb. 4:16).

Week 01 | Psalm 10

Week 02 | Psalm 11

Week 03 | Psalm 12

Week 04 | Psalm 13

Week 05 | Psalm 14

Week 06 | Psalm 15

Week 07 | Psalm 16