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Read about The Summit's Stance on Mask Wearing

Message from Lead Pastor, Brian Agovino:

Published, Thursday, July 09

Hey Summit Family!

We are preparing to enter Phase 03 of our COVID plan, which primarily includes adding some of our SummitKids programmings. In order to confidently enter this phase, I want to revisit our stance on mask-wearing. 

As elders and staff, we have been spending much time talking about masks. Although we are not going to mandate masks, we strongly encourage the use of masks by everyone during our services as we move forward. There are numerous reasons for us to wear masks while in public, but let me share with you three: 

01. St. Charles County Executive Steve Ehlmann encourages the use of masks in public. 

Last week he released a letter encouraging St. Charles residents to take personal responsibility for wearing masks in public. 

02. Many churches in the area are requiring masks. 

There are differences all across the board for sure, but most of the churches that are similar to us are strongly encouraging the use of masks (especially while singing) or requiring the use of masks. 

03. Wearing a mask connects to one of our values

We value Caring for the Vulnerable and the use of a mask is a way to show others that we love them and care about them. It’s a simple and practical way to protect others from contracting the virus. Out of an abundance of love and concern, we strongly encourage you and your family to wear a mask during our live worship services. 

We will have masks available on Sundays for those who need one. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or any of the elders. I pray that you are having a great summer in this strange time. 

In Christ,

Brian Agovino

Lead Pastor