Habakkuk | Week 01

Sunday | February 27

Sunday, May 01


01. Do you find it easy or hard to bring your emotions to God? Why or why not? What experiences in your life have shaped your response?

02. How do you feel about Habakkuk's rawness in his compliant to God? (Hab. 1:2-4; 12-2:1)

03. God is not troubled by Habakkuk's tone. Why do you think that is so?

04. Habakkuk's complaint is grounded in the truths of God. Read through chapter 1 and unpack all of the ways God is described. Why is it important to know the truth about God in order for us to bring a healthy wrestling complaint?

05. If you are willing, share with the group something you are struggling with that you are going to bring to God this week.