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Contact-Free Service FAQs

Have questions about Contact-Free gatherings? Find the answers!

We understand you may have a lot of questions about returning to in-person worship services. We are here to answer those questions! Check out some of the frequently asked questions below and if your question is not answered, click the contact us button at the bottom of the page.

FAQs About Contact-Free Services:

What is a Contact-Free service?

Contact-Free is a way for us to make social distancing practical.  We are primarily trying to create a flow where the only thing you will have to touch is your seat.  The purpose behind this is to create a safe and healthy environment.  So help us when you come by avoiding hugs and handshakes.  Help us by connecting in ways like waves and air high-fives.  For now, the best way to protect everyone is to be contact-free.

What are the specific cleaning measures that will be taken?

We are asking everyone to leave directly from the service and leave the building so cleaning can be done effectively and efficiently in between services. All touched surfaces (door handles, sinks, toilets, etc.) will be sprayed with industrial strength disinfectant. Special floor cleaners will be used before the first service on Sundays. The majority of the campus will remain closed, with the exception of the sanctuary, restrooms, and Children’s Ministry large group room, which will be used as a cry room if needed. All items will be disinfected by the kids min team. We are asking that no one use the water fountains, so please bring water bottles if you need them. 

Will masks be required if I attend in person? Do my kids need to wear them?

We are encouraging masks, but not requiring them. There are lots of perspectives out there about masks. Our desire at this moment in time is to create a safe environment where everyone feels welcome and we believe that encouraging masks creates that safe environment. The real purpose behind wearing a mask is for others more than it is for ourselves. We will have masks available if you don't have one.  You will also notice all of our staff, elders, and greeting team wearing masks.

While we are not requiring anyone, including kids, to wear masks. The CDC currently recommends that everyone 2-years-old and above wear masks.

Can I invite family/friends to attend?

Absolutely! Our desire is still to have others come and join us as we worship the Creator of the universe. It would be helpful to point your friends to this FAQ page so they know a little bit about what to expect when coming to church. We will still ask you to practice social distancing, but everyone is welcome.

Is there going to be Kids or Student ministries?

At this point, SummitKids and Students will NOT be gathering on Sundays. We are taking this decision month by month and will update the body when this changes.

Although we will not have our regular Summit Kids programs at this time, we will be offering activity trays and packets for them to work on during the service. These will include fun activity sheets, an activity supply kit, a snack, and a water bottle. Trays can be picked up in the lobby and returned to the Summit Kids Check In desk after service. All trays and supplies will be thoroughly cleaned each week. Our Summit Kids Adventure series will also be available on-line and kids are welcome to join in the fun on-line during service also.

Youth Group on YouTube will still be running through the month of June for students, every Wednesday at 7PM.

Is the online service the same as the contact-free service?

Yes. We are trying to keep everything as similar as possible. The message will be the same for both services and the songs will be mostly the same. The only difference will be the addition of one song during the in-person service.

How will offering and communion be handled?

We will not pass an offering plate or communion during the service. In addition to online giving, offerings can be dropped in an offering box in the lobby. Communion will be taken using 2-in-1 personal communion packs.

How do I graciously tell someone I am abiding by social distancing rules?

Be aware of where your hands are. We are really discouraging handshakes and hugs. Focus on things like, "It is great to see you today, I look forward to giving you a giant bear hug soon enough." or, "Thanks so much for being here today, thanks for practicing social distancing for now".

Will I be able to use the restroom?

Yes, restrooms will be available and cleaned between services. We ask that all people wash their hands thoroughly and use provided hand sanitizer located outside of the restrooms.

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