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Club 4/5

A place for 4th and 5th graders to WORSHIP, LEARN, and GROW in their relationships to Jesus.

What is Club 4/5?

Our 4th and 5th grade students often get "lost" in the "in between" phases of elementary school classes and our youth program. The sense of maturity many are starting to feel at this age is often lost when they are grouped with younger kids and this often doesn't allow these “tweens” the freedom to engage in more age-appropriate activities. Club 4/5 is a place designed specifically for these kids to transition out of elementary classes and into the youth.

Club 4/5 seeks to focus this age level toward understanding and developing their personal relationships with God. Here they will learn how to worship and to listen in a sermon setting so that as they move into the youth program, they are not lost when they attend the service. This is an also an age during which strong friendships are developed. We want to create an environment where kids feel comfortable to invite their friends along. This is much easier to do when it is a program on their level. At the same time, we recognize that at this age, kids are not completely ready to leave the realm of being a kid. So, while we will incorporate all these attributes, we will also continue to maintain a fun and engaging atmosphere.

FORGED Curriculum: On Sundays

Club 4/5 will be utilizing a curriculum entitled, Forged, described below:

“Forged: Faith Refined is a 2-year curriculum designed to help preteens sharpen their worldview according to biblical principles. Each of the eight volumes will explore deeper study, engaging conversations, and life action principles to help

preteens live out the gospel in their community and world.”


We will provide a workbook for any children who would like to participate without attending the class. Just contact Mrs. Amy for more details,